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Well-Being Team

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Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP)

Keryn, the Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) provides support when stress and problems in living begin to affect health and well-being.

The HIP supports people to consider every aspect of their living, and to talk about the problem or their concerns. The HIP will help to develop a plan for coping and/or behavioural change.

A specific schedule is used and related questions, it takes 30 minutes. There is no cost or criteria as to how many times you consult with the HIP. The HIP will up-date the GP by taking case notes.

Bookings are made by appointment and same day bookings are available. Keryn works on a Tuesday, 1.15pm-4:15pm.

Works: Tuesday, 1.15pm-4:15pm

Languages: ENGLISH

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Health Coach

Jeanne, the Health Coach, can offer support for adults to achieve health and well-being goals. Collaborate with Jeanne to create plans for positive changes.

The Health Coach can support adults to stay active, change eating habits and sleep well by coming up with SMART goals. Jeanne can also help adults understand and live well with health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and more.

30-minute appointments are funded, and same day bookings are available. Jeanne works on a Monday, 1.15pm-4:15pm.

Works: Monday, 1.15pm-4:15pm

Languages: ENGLISH